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With every action, I ask myself… what would Tiffany Pollard do?

OMG! New York and her drama… It lasted through numerous reality shows and brought VH1 plenty of ratings! 

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My life… 80% Awesome 3.0, needs 20% “Love 2.0” and life upgrade will be complete

I have so much going for me in every other aspect of my life except for love. I have a job with hours I like and great coworkers, I get to make my yearly trips to Haunt or Cali for stuff out there, I have great friends, I have so much to be thankful for, and yet I find that I struggle with the one thing I crave the most… Love.

It’s a bit funny how that happens… Everything else in my life is going great and progressing, I keep moving forward on everything else, yet I feel stagnant when it comes to fulfillment on having someone in my life… Am I destinned to be lonely?

For those who do not know, here are the facts…

6 years… The length of time it has been since I had a boyfriend.

3 weeks… The length of time that my longest relationship lasted

1 week… The length of time it would normally take people to dump me

4 years (and counting)… The length of time it has been since I had “actual sex” (not counting oral)

I know those are probably details to be filed into the TMI file cabinet, however, it’s a sobering look at where I basically stand with the subject of love. I find that I have been on dates but those wind up somehow going sour due to the fact that the guys usually consider me strange, odd, or weird for some of my interests. I am sorry, I am not a carbon copy of the gay who praises Cher, Madonna, or puts celebrity worship or fashion on some pedestal.

What you see is what you get, I’m a nerd and proud of it. I am a coaster geek and can go somewhere like Knotts or Six Flags and ride coasters nonstop for the velocity and G-forces, I play RPG’s and can spend 80+ hours questing on long story driven games, I love Sci-fi and Star Wars, I love reenacting light saber battles with friends, I go wild for fighting games and the cerebral gameplay they offer, I love watching things get taken apart and put back together to see how they work, I love and actively participate in Rocky Horror, I go to conventions and have a lot of friends from those, I also can listen to 8 bit music and geek out at the way that it was a remixed version of The Legend Of zelda NES theme for the 5 billionth time, I love playing bullet hell shmups, and I love Disney stuff and can find a day at Disneyland one of the most awesome and magical things… In a lot of ways I do some pretty fucking awesome stuff! I am like a hipper, cool, slimmer version of comic book guy on “The Simpsons” so I am not sure why guys cannot see deeper than the exterior or claim I have no substance.

Sure, I could care less or not give a crap about Kylie, Britney, Katy Perry, etc… But it does not mean I have never heard of them. I just spend my time focusing on more awesome geekier things than being so hung up on the fake “hellos”, the obsession with shopping/materialism, or what’s in styls for Fall, spring, summer, or whatever that other “should I really give a fuck season” is. Take me or leave me… I guess this is really my only explanation to those stats above… I have not found a guy who can see deeper than the exterior or pick up on my non verbal cues.

Oh well, its Thursday… time to enjoy the day and hope this weekend turns out positive for me

Wow… I can blog on the bus straight from my phone now…

Isn’t technology great… Its kinda wild how when we do not have something that we don’t even think twice about it but the second we get something with a little more advanced technology it then becomes a part of your everyday life and you start to lose the skills you once had without it.

We witness this everyday with the fact that the internet and cell phones have become used like crutches. It feels at times that people feel naked and stripped of their livelihood the second their cell phone battery dies, the second they lose their phone, or the second that their internet goes out. I know when I misplace my phone I feel naked all day and get this nagging feeling that I am missing something. Unfortunately, when this happens I neglect to realize that I had functioned fine for many years before cell phones were invented and long before facebook and other contact methods. Am I not the only one to realize this?

Speaking of which, when it comes to gaming, since that’s a subject I can relate to… Gamers today claim to be hardcore, yet they complain about insane difficulty whenever classics are rereleased. Plain and simple, games are way too easy these days. I remember when I was a kid we had 8 bit and 16 bit graphics, no online gaming, no xbox live parties, you had to group together friends to game together with. Back in the day if you wanted to find out how to defeat a certain levels in games where the difficulty and AI were near impossible and could predict your every move and buttom press (I’m looking at you Kintaro in MK-II) you had to wait for the gaming magazines to come out or call the hotline. There was no gamefaqs. We had to just deal with it and create our own ways. It was called using your imagination to think outside the box to find all the secrets. Todays games basically put the secrets in front of you with no regard to self discovery, or they put you on a linear path from point A to point B putting story progression as a priority over difficulty and gameplay. While this is not a bad thing, its a sign that technology keeps advancing and making lives easier, attention spans smaller, and the result is games that satisfy short attention spans and easier difficulty to encourage more replays.

So is technology a good thing… Probably… But I do hope we do not sacrifice our common sense in place of it. It just feels like the more technnologically advanced we become, the more dependence we have on it and the more common sense, ingenuity, and imagination (thinking outside the box) we sacrifice in the process.

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